Агентство Лужники: абонентское, техническое, сервисное обслуживание компьютеров и серверов
О компании
About us
Luzhniki Agency works in sphere of information technologies. We can offer various computer services for yours branch offices in Moscow. All of our employees are speaking English fluently. The primary directions of our activity:
  • complex computer services: repair, upgrade, software installation (operating systems, applied programs, drivers), testing for presence of viruses and it's removal
  • servers installation and support - mail, file servers, domains controllers, name server, firewalls and etc.
  • performance optimization of existing LANs (Active Directory, WINS, DNS, DHCP etc.), including both physical structure of the cable and active network equipment
  • differentiation and access control of the employees in internet, traffic accounting. Struggle againgst no-purpose use of internet access at workplace
  • complex way to provide network security of workstations/server/networks. Mail server protection against the unsolicited commercial email (spam) and mail viruses.
  • Testing of security of networks environment. Web-design, support, hosting.
  • Consults on network, anti-virus safety, on struggle against unsolicited commercial email and others.
  • Free hotline users support
Our employees are experienced experts certified by the independent IT-companies: Microsoft (MCP, MCSA, MCSE), Cisco (CCNA), Brainbench (Network Technical Support).
P: (both English and Russian speaking operator)
W: www.komsomolsky.ru
E: инфо@komsomolsky.ru
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